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Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Climate Change Graz Post Doc Fellowship Program 2023

Post Doc Fellowship Program 2023 - Call open!


The Field of Excellence Climate Change Graz is offering 5 post-doctoral fellowships at University of Graz, Austria, for 3 months (ideally from October to December 2023). The program is designed for PostDoc researchers from all academic fields working on climate change who wish to collaborate with one (or more) of the research groups of the Field of Excellence Climate Change Graz.

We are particularly interested in contributions to the following interdisciplinary research fields:

  • Interacting Organisms, Environments, and Societies: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Coping with Climate Risks
  • Epistemology of Climate Models and Realistic Possibilities in Climate Risk Assessment
  • Socio-hydrological Approaches to the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources
  • Development of Soil Amendments to Support Carbon Management
  • Cryospheric Processes in the Arctic and High Mountain Areas under Climate Change
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches for Assessing the Fair Allocation of Benefits and Burdens of the Transformation to Climate Neutrality
  • Intertemporal Dimensions in Climate Litigation
  • Developing the Energy Market to Expand Variable Renewables: Aspects of Economic and Legal Design,
  • Challenges in the Decarbonization of the Mobility Sector,
  • Rapid Transition Pathways and Social Tipping Points
  • The Interplay of Mitigation, Adaptation and Geoengineering: Questions of Governance, Strategy and Ethics

Details may be found here.

The fellowship will cover costs of travel, housing and subsistence

Applicants are asked to send their research proposal, motivation letter und CV incl. publication list until 15th April 2023 to harald.stelzer(at)