Climate Change Graz Post Doc Fellowship Program 2024

The Field of Excellence Climate Change Graz is offering 5 post-doctoral fellowships at University of Graz, Austria, for 3 months.

Rock glaciers on a rapid descent

Whether in Siberia, Alaska or the Alps – rising temperatures are affecting permafrost worldwide. In the high mountains, this can be seen in what are known as rock glaciers. These forms, reminiscent of lava flows, are a mixture of debris and ice that does not thaw on the inside all year round. They slowly creep downhill, whereby the rate of movement is mainly related to the thermal regime of the permafrost body. Based on long-term observation data, an international study has now shown for the first time for the entire Alpine region that the velocity of rock glaciers, which has increased overall since the 1990s, is a reliable climate indicator. The research results were recently published in the scientific journal "Environmental Research Letters".

Glaciers, climate and hydrology: A Greenland perspective

Monday, 5.2. at 11:0M at SR 11.06 (Heinrichstraße 36) 

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EVENT: Monitoring and Modelling Forest Wildfire Effects under a Changing Climate

Date & Time: January 25th, 2024 at 6pm Place: HS 11.03, Heinrichstraße 36, EG, 8010 Graz Stream:

EVENT: "COP 28: Endgame or Game Changer?"

Round table discussion: "COP 28: Endgame or Game Changer?" Organised in cooperation with the Research Centre for Climate Law (ClimLaw: Graz) and the Field of Excellence on Climate Change Graz at the University of Graz

Green revolution in the plastics industry

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